Pripyat Ferris Wheel Abseil

Tied To Pripyat Ferris Wheel (004)

Hands On Ferris Wheel

Following on from our other Chernobyl abseil, Abseiling A Soviet Apartment Block in Pripyat, we decided to have a go at abseiling the Ferris wheel, also in Pripyat. The plan was to climb to the top cart, fly the British flag and then take a couple of GoPro selfies. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite that easy.

Upon arriving in the city of Pripyat, one of the first things we did was take a look at the famous Pripyat Ferris wheel. Looking at its structure and trying to work out the safest way to climb to the top. With much discussion it was agreed that the easiest way was to climb the ladder to the half way point, then move to the beams and continue from there. Problem was when it came to it, the beams were a little bigger than we'd thought and harder to grab hold of.

Look Out For Military Patrols

Climbing Ferris Wheel

With one of our group perched on top of the Palace Of Culture, looking out for Military patrols, it was time to abseil. The Ferris wheel is probably the most visited place in Chernobyl and we expected someone to walk around the corner at any minute and bust us. Making our way across the park and darting straight for the wheel, at any moment we might get the signal from the nearby rooftop that someone was coming.

Abseiling - Plan B

After deciding to rule out the idea of climbing all the way to the top of the Ferris wheel, it was decided to just abseil from the half way point. Wrapping the rope around one of the rusty beams and descending on two lines made it possible to just pull the rope off once we were back on the ground. This obviously saved us the bother of climbing back up and releasing the rope.

There's not much would have been greater than climbing to the top of the Ferris wheel in Pripyat, but as always we must put our safety first. Should we ever get a second chance, additional equipment would be necessary and lots more time.

Ferris Wheel Rope

View While Abseiling The Ferris Wheel

With nobody else in sight, not even our team member could be spotted from the top of the Palace Of Culture, the theme park looked eerily quiet. The only noise coming from the birds and the sound of the rusting Ferris wheel creaking, it's a strange oddity, like the end of the world has arrived. The view while abseiling down this structure was amazing, the intense detail from one of the most iconic man-made creations mixed with the sights and sounds of complete abandonment. It was, the experience of a lifetime.

There wasn't time to do multiple descents, we barely had time to descend once before we risked another military patrol. So, as soon as we landed on the ground we pulled off the rope, packed up our things and made our way back to the hire car. Another location complete and conquered for our ropes challenge.